It's everything you love about football games, rolled up into one giant egg roll and then fried. Would you dare?

By Allrecipes Editors

This is not typical cooking show advice, but it's definitely the kind of advice that's typical coming from chefs Addison Porter and Cory Bolton, the pair behind the new Allrecipes show "Chunks." (You can find them gettin' cheffy at River in Tuscaloosa, AL.) With beers in hand — "Natty me, daddy!" is something you should get used to hearing — the duo dispense professional-grade cooking advice combined in equal parts with humor and "Yes, you can do this, too" enthusiasm that's soul-soothing in these Instagram-obsessed times.

In this inaugural episode, Addison and Cory (find them here on Instagram) take on a subject that's (almost) as highly-contested as politics or religion in the South: game day food. Not just any game day food, either: The (absolutely sane) goal here is to create an exercise in complete deep-fried ridiculousness: a 10-pound egg roll stuffed with everything you'd find at a typical tailgate. Sliders, queso dip, chips, wings, mozz sticks — nothing is safe from their Franken-roll aspirations and beer-fueled ambition.

Will they achieve it? Will this giant "calorie baby" break before it can rise from its at-this-point-nearly-mythic birthing bath of molten oil? Will there be too many beers involved? Will the thing actually taste good? You'll have to watch to find out. It's worth it just to see how they (inevitably) work ranch into the equation.

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