By Leslie Kelly

We've rounded up Chef John's most popular comfort food creations, all receiving 5-star ratings from our community of cooks, who take the time to serve up feedback on how recipes turn out. Thanks for the reviews, gang! Keep 'em coming!!

1. Classic Beef Stroganoff

Turning tough, yet incredibly flavorful chuck roast into fork-tender, deeply satisfying supper is no easy feat, but this version of the traditional dish does just that. Karen raves: "My husband absolutely LOVES this recipe. He would be very happy having it once a week. It is quick, easy and absolutely delicious!"

Photo by Meredith Publishing

2. Chef John's Lasagna

The double shot of meat -- ground beef and Italian sausage -- gives this preparation extra heft. Eating a piece is like being wrapped in a warm, cheesy blanket. "This is hands down the best lasagna I've ever eaten!" writes emlovestobake.

3. Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Velvety smooth, with just the right touch of creaminess, these smashed spuds will turn any frown upside down. Christina gushes: "PERFECT! This is the proper way to make classic mashed potatoes...timeless. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!"

Mashed Potatoes | Photo by Meredith

4. Shrimp Etouffee

This beloved Creole classic from Louisiana feeds the need for seafood lovers who want to savor spoonfuls of rich, slightly spicy sauce. Loads of cooks recount making this as a celebration dish, but this report from ZippyMomof4 is extra heart-warming: "We have made this several times and it is always delicious. My son even requested it for his 14th birthday dinner last year. When a growing boy chooses this over steak or lamb chops that is real..."

5. Chicken a la King

Does this soothing stew remind you of the filling of the best pot pie on the planet? Mmmmm, yes. Opinions vary widely among reviewers on the best foundation on which to serve this hit, from mashed potatoes to egg noodles and steamed rice, even puff pastry. We'd eat all that.

Photo by Chef John

6. Corned Beef Hash

How about we all go to bed early tonight just so we can wake up and make this crispy good eye-opener? It turned one reviewer into a corned beef hash believer: "I wondered: What the heck is the big deal about corned beef hash? Well, now I know."

7. Chicken Riggies

Pasta plus chicken and a wine-infused sauce equals a bowl full of homey goodness. Janet Henderson heaps high praise: "Chef John does it again. Awesome dish. Family loved it."

8. Beef and Guinness Stew

This rich recipe tastes like a trip to Dublin, the slow-simmered beef infused with the flavor of the popular stout that's originally from Ireland. "This is the only way I'm doing beef stew from now on!" writes MandyCly.

Beef and Guinness Stew | Photo by Vick Chick

9. French Fries

Golden, crispy, begging to be dipped in secret sauce or smothered, poutine-style, can we take a moment to contemplate the world's most perfect salty snack? Sure, they require some extra attention on the prep side, but it's so worth it. "These are fantastic and well worthy the extra effort, they are lightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside," according to Charlies Mom.

10. Irish Pork Stew

Chef John manages to sneak a few veggies into the mix, but it's not going to bum out the meat-and-potatoes comfort-food-craving crowd. For Dexter, the wee bit of green was a welcome addition: "Very, very good! Pork was tender and stew had great flavor. Next time, will double the Brussels sprouts."