Maximize your pantry space with these clever products and tips.
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When it comes to your pantry, there's really no such thing as "too much" storage space. So whether you're dealing with the world's smallest pantry and need clever solutions for maximizing your small space, or simply want to make your pantry work more efficiently and look more organized, these smart space-saving products and ideas are for you.

1. Add a swing-out shelving kit.

Swinging Pantry Shelf
Credit: Home Depot

Available in a variety of heights and sizes, this solid wood kit quickly doubles your available pantry storage space. This ingenious design works in two ways: First, it offers shelving units that you can install on the inside of your pantry cabinet doors, instantly giving you extra shelf space on either side. Second, it includes a swing-out shelf that installs into a center divider in your cabinets (in some cases, you might need to install one of these first) to create a movable shelf that layers on top of your existing ones that you can swing from one side to the other, as needed.

Buy it: Swing Out Pantry Cabinet Kit, $563;

2. Install dispensers for canned foods.

canned foods in a dispenser
Credit: Amazon

Often used for efficient canned drink storage, you can also use these can-dispensing metal storage units for canned foods. Since it allows you to store 11 to 12 cans in the same footprint that 3 to 4 cans would normally take up, you'll be glad you got this set that comes with two. Plus, with a handy wire shelf above, you can stack even more food goods on top to make use of every inch of vertical space available.

Buy it: Food Can Dispenser Rack, $30/set of 2;

3. Use hanging under-shelf storage baskets.

Under Shelf Storage Basket with Towels
Credit: Container Store

Made of vinyl-coated wire, these under-shelf storage baskets (which come in two sizes) are the perfect way to sneak more storage space into your pantry. Just slide them onto your existing shelves to create the ideal spot to stash extra snacks.

Buy it: Under-Shelf Storage Basket, $7 and up;

4. Install shelf dividers.

wire shelf dividers

Shelf dividers like these are often used in closets to keep stacks of clothing looking neat and tidy, but they function as amazing space-saving, organizational products for your pantry, too. Simply slide them over the shelves of your pantry to create clearly defined areas for where you'll store each type of food good: chips and snacks in one section, baking supplies in another and so on. In addition to keeping you more organized, it will make it easier for you to find a specific item — no matter how many layers of food are in front of it — since you'll know exactly what section to look in.

Buy it: StorageMaid Metal Wire Shelf Dividers, $22/set of 6;

5. Save space with stackable wire baskets.

stacking wire baskets
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

You will never have to dig in the back of your pantry shelves again once you start using these stackable, steel wire baskets that give you a spot to stash like items together. Not only do they increase your pantry storage space by thinking vertically, their clever scoop design makes it easy to access foods stored in either layer at any time — in addition to making pulling the entire basket off the shelf a breeze, whenever you need to access everything at once.

Buy it: Scoop Stacking Baskets, $14;

6. Utilize an over-the-door storage shelf.

Over the Door Pantry Storage Shelf
Credit: Kohl's

Ideal for smaller items, like your collection of spices or assortment of holiday sprinkles, an over-the-door storage shelf is the ideal space-saving solution for small pantries. Plus, since you don't have to drill any holes or permanently install anything, it's an especially appealing option for renters.

7. Make room for slim, compact drawers.

slim sliding pantry drawers

With a sleek design that's perfect for small pantries, this efficient storage rack — with shelves that slide out for easy access — can squeeze into even the tightest areas, helping you make the most of every available inch of floor space. Plus, the basket-shaped drawers with high sides means you can pack items in, without fearing anything will fall off and get buried in the back of your pantry.

Buy it: Slim Sliding Drawer Storage, $23 and up;

8. Fill floor space with over-sized rolling plastic storage bins with lids.

sliding storage bins on wheels
Credit: The Container Store

While these lidded plastic storage bins on wheels are most often used for storing pet food or bakers' quantities-worth of flour, the truth is, you can use them for just about anything. Whether you fill them with sealed, assorted bags of your family's favorite cereals (so you can toss the clunky boxes) or create the ultimate kids' snack bin (where single-portion servings of chips, cookies, and the like are stored low enough for your children to help themselves), the space-saving storage solutions these rolling bins provide are endless.

Buy it: Iris Pet Food Containers, $17 and up;

9. Stash extra items in a rolling utility cart.

black IKEA rolling utility cart with three shelves
Credit: Ikea

This handy utility cart made waves when it first launched because its efficient design and compact size make it work well in so many different scenarios. But when it comes to pantry storage and organization in particular, it’s a clear winner. Not only does it create three extra layers of storage, since it’s on wheels, it’s ultra-easy to maneuver—and it’s available in a variety of cute colors, too!

Buy it: Raskog Utility Cart, $30;

10. Spin up storage with a lazy Susan.

lazy susan with jars of spices
Credit: The Container Store

Some space-saving pantry storage solutions, like this one, are totally timeless. Just give this two-tiered lazy Susan a whirl, and you'll instantly be able to access any spice or canned food item you have stashed on its surfaces — no matter how far toward the back they once were.

Buy it: 2-Tiered Lazy Susan, $11;

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