Stop & Shop Now Sells All Its '90s Throwback Snacks in One Place

Surf the web and get some snacks!

90s snack collection
Photo: Stop & Shop

The present is a pretty crappy place to be these days, so you can't really blame anyone who wants to retreat into the comfort of nostalgia. While that often takes the form of media and pop culture alliances into the past, there are also plenty of throwback comfort foods that can transport you back to simpler times.

To make it easier for hungry millennials to source those nostalgic snacks, Stop & Shop has made it easier to find them on the world wide web thanks to an explicit '90s Throwback site full of all the colorful stuff you used to beg your mom to buy. Ranging from sugary cereals to Lunchables, snacks, dino nuggets, desserts, and beyond, it's a home for all of the foods that can help you evade adulthood, at least for a little while.

While the extensive collection of Pop Tarts, Capri Suns, and Bugles (the finger accessory you can eat!) are great, it's worth pointing out that Stop & Shop is simply organizing their existing products in a way that emphasizes these '90s favorites and they unfortunately don't have the power to revive any dormant classics from the dead— at least not yet. So if you're looking for Dannon Sprinklin's or you wanted to finally try Zima or Crystal Pepsi for the first time, you're probably better off scouring eBay.

Still, if you've been trying to track down some of those recently revived Dunkaroos, this is the place to do it. Unlike the 90's, you can also use the internet to order those Dunkaroos for delivery or pickup. In fact, it looks like you can claim free delivery or pickup if you buy $19.90 (get it?) worth of General Mills products between now and the end of the year. Far out!

So while we can't literally travel back in time (though '90s movies definitely made it seem like this would be possible by now), it's at least there's a central hub to find everything you need to eat your way back into the past. And to that, I say cowabunga.

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