STōK's New Pumpkin Cold Brew Makes Us Long for Fall

Pumpkin spice season is here, even if summer hasn't quite ended yet.

STok Pumpkin Lifestyle Bottle being poured into a tall glass with ice
Photo: StoK

The arrival of pumpkin flavored everything is a harbinger of cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the imminent arrival of fall. Since temperatures haven't quite dropped yet, STōK is bringing us the transitional coffee beverage we didn't know we needed — a pumpkin cold brew, perfect for mornings where the sun is still beating down, but your soul knows it's time for fall to come.

Unlike the intensely sweet pumpkin spiced lattes from …other brands… STōK's version is coffee forward, with an added signature spice blend that brings that familiar pumpkin flavor. Where most pumpkin coffees are intense sugar bombs, STōK Pumpkin Cold Brew has 45 percent less sugar than the leading bottled PSL.

By making their pumpkin coffee less sweet, STōK is pushing back against the stereotype of the PSL-lover. They've partnered with comedian Tom Segura to bring an ironic, tongue-in-cheek attitude to this much-mocked flavor. As part of the partnership, Segura designed a to-go tumbler complete with what they're calling his "pumpkin spice manifesto" which encourages drinkers to just admit that pumpkin spice is delicious.

With more and more people giving up on cafes for their morning jolt and sticking to a home routine, STōK's Pumpkin Cold Brew is an easy way to bring that barista flavor to your home coffee routine. The flavored cold brew is available at or at retailers nationwide.

What's more, STōK and Segura have released a special line of reusable tumblers designed by Segura himself, so fans of cold brew, pumpkin, and Tom should check back at next week, as STōK has more anti-basic pumpkin fun in store.

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