The 11 Best Speedy Breakfast Foods to Stock in Your Pantry and Fridge

Get a deliciously healthy breakfast on the table in no time with these heroic ingredients at the ready.

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When your kitchen is well-stocked, it's easy enough to grab an easy, convenient breakfast at a moment's notice. Keeping a selection of ingredients on hand will give you all the components you need to mix-and-match a satisfying and filling breakfast every day of the week.

Add these items to your grocery list, and you'll never have to settle for a dull bowl of cereal or an unhealthy fast-food breakfast. Then, use our ideas below for mix-and-match meal possibilities that will get you out of the what's-for-breakfast rut.

1. Fresh Fruit

The fiber, natural sugars, and nutrients in a handful of berries, an apple, or a couple of clementine oranges will give you the boost you need to start your day.

2. Frozen Fruit

Keep bags of frozen berries or sliced banana, mango, peach, or strawberry in the freezer for quick smoothies or to stir into cereal or yogurt. You can either buy the fruit already bagged and frozen, or prep fresh fruit yourself (freeze the pieces on a baking sheet or tray, then transfer to a zip-top bag so they'll freeze in individual chunks). It's a great way to preserve fruit that might go bad before you can eat it all.

3. Plain Greek Yogurt

Full of protein and calcium, Greek yogurt is one of the healthiest foods you can keep in your breakfast arsenal, and you can even make it yourself! It's great on its own (sweeten it with a little drizzle of honey if it's too tangy) or it can be used in recipes like smoothies.

4. Whole-Grain English Muffins

More satisfying than toast, English muffins are great breakfast sandwich bases for those who love fast-food breakfasts but are also delicious just toasted and spread with nut butter. Try making them from scratch.

5. Eggs

As versatile as can be, eggs have only 70 calories and are a satisfying way to start a day. Hard-cook a few at the beginning of the week to eat on their own or incorporated into other dishes, or take a few minutes to scramble an egg for a hearty hot breakfast.

Avocado Breakfast Bowl
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Get the Recipe: Avocado Breakfast Bowl

6. Avocados

Packed with Omega-3s and beneficial fats, avocados will keep you full all morning. When you shop, buy a mix of ripe avocados as well as ones that are still hard so you'll have ones that will be ready to eat a few days later. Ripe avocados can keep a few days in the refrigerator before they start getting brown.

7. Nut Butter

Peanut butter is great, but try almond or cashew butter for a different flavor profile and, in many cases, a slightly healthier nutritional profile. Some well-stocked supermarkets or natural food stores have a grinder in their bulk aisle where you can grind your nut butter to order.

8. Rolled Oats

High in the nutrients manganese, phosphorous, and magnesium, oats are filling and high in fiber. Try them in both sweet and savory oatmeal preparation, as well as in overnight oats or blended into a smoothie to boost its nutrition. We like the chewier texture of old-fashioned rolled oats, but the quick-cooking versions are great when you're short on time.

9. Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

When you oversleep, it's a lifesaver to know that your freezer is stocked with breakfast sandwiches that can heat up in the time it takes you to brush your teeth. Finish off your meal with an orange or banana for a great start to the day.

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10. Mixed Nuts

Check out the mixed nuts in your local bulk aisle, and keep a container of these for quick snacks or to incorporate into a delicious breakfast. Opt for a lower-salt or no-salt version if you're watching your sodium intake.


11. Baby Spinach

With its mild flavor, spinach is a great ingredient to work into various breakfasts, so you can make sure to get all your servings of vegetables into your daily diet. In a smoothie, it's virtually undetectable!

Perfect Pairings for Fast Breakfasts

Now that you have your pantry and fridge well-stocked, the sky's the limit on how you can mix and match the components to make satisfying breakfasts that won't bore you with repetition. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sprinkle fresh berries onto a bowl of yogurt, and top with mixed nuts
  • Stir berries or chopped apple into oatmeal
  • Peel a clementine and throw it whole into your smoothie blender along with spinach and frozen fruit, and even a spoonful of nut butter.
  • Slice an apple and spread it with nut butter.
  • Try a salad with fruit for breakfast, like a spinach salad with fresh berries and a handful of nuts.
  • If you prefer non-sweet breakfasts, you might like savory oatmeal seasoned with a few dashes of soy sauce and topped with a boiled egg and some wilted spinach.
  • Cook up a frozen breakfast sandwich and grab a banana or apple for the ultimate quick and satisfying breakfast on the go.
  • Combine the oats, Greek yogurt, and fresh or frozen fruit in a mason jar with a lid for no-cook overnight oatmeal. You can even throw it in your bag to eat at your desk.
  • Sandwich a fried or scrambled egg between two toasted English muffins for a grab-and-go breakfast sandwich. Add sliced avocado or a handful of spinach to beef it up.
  • Mash an avocado with some lemon juice and spread onto a toasted English muffin for a tasty riff on the uber-popular avocado toast. It's great drizzled with a little olive oil and a sprinkling of hot sauce or pepper flakes.

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