By Isadora Baum

We'll take a six-pack under the tree, please.

Stella Artois' newest beer is a first-ever, limited-edition seasonal dark brew called Midnight Lager. This brew is super dark and rich, with notes of Belgian dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso. And it's pretty strong, with an ABV of 5.4 percent.

Photo: Stella Artois

Plus, the beer features a black and gold design, which seems quite fancy and holiday-esque in itself. It's supposed to resemble the midnight sky, too.

This beer will pair beautifully with a peanut butter chocolate bar or candy — or really anything holiday-themed. It's an especially ideal with fall and winter's flavors, from soups and stews to casseroles and, yes, s'mores. The great depth of flavor matches nearly any comforting, hearty food, which can't be said for that light Mexican lager you've been holding onto since summer. (It's time to let it go until next year.)

You won't have to wait for the holidays, but you will have to wait until November 4, when the beer will hit shelves nationwide. That seems like a great way to help pass the days between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

What's more, the brand will release this new limited-edition beer on Halloween in America's spookiest town, Sleepy Hollow, with free tastes offered to residents and visitors. Count yourself lucky — and then let us know how it tastes — if you're one of the fortunate few who gets a swig before everyone else.

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