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The '70s vibes are strong with this hue.

Staub, maker of colorful enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens and cookware, has teamed up with Food52 for a fantastic new color for some of their most popular cookware. The warm, golden hue is named Turmeric in honor of the popular spice that is adored for its colors as much as it is its flavor.

Staub Turmeric Collection
Photo: Food52

But younger readers might miss the obvious color reference we saw immediately — Harvest Gold. Indeed, the toasty yellow tone with hints of orange and gold drew us back to our Memaw and Papaw's kitchens, which were often bedecked in color-coordinated appliances, storage containers, and linens.

The new Turmeric shade is at the nexus of that '70s shade and the new trend in colors — food-focused hues that represent not only the food you'll make but the colorful ingredients you'll use.

Staub, for example, also stocks cookware in colors like Basil, Cherry, and Grenadine. They also make tomato-shaped cocottes and precious miniature porcelain pumpkins that are perfect for fall dinner parties.

In the Turmeric collection on Food52, you can pick from pieces like the Perfect Pan with Glass Lid, a great all-purpose piece that's designed for the multi-tasking cook. The iconic Cocotte is also available, in a 4-quart and a 7-quart vessel. Other offerings include a Petite French Oven Stovetop Rice Cooker and 2-in-1 Grill Pan & Cocotte.

Even if the new color doesn't have you searching Etsy for macramé or practicing "The Hustle," it's likely to at least put you in the autumnal spirit. The warm color certainly rings of changing leaves, golden mums, and setting suns — all of which are things we like almost as much as we like this new Staub color.

Turmeric pieces launched this week at Food52, and they will be available exclusively with this online retailer for six months.