These fruit sticks combine the candy's beloved flavors in one, chewy juicy stick.
Starburst Swirlers
Photo: Starburst

Update April 16, 2020: Starburst Swirlers are now available nationwide. They are sold in 2.96-ounce Share Size packs for $1.99 each.

Previously: One of life's greatest debates is which flavor of Starburst is the best. (We all know it's pink.) But Starburst has decided to give candy fans greater options when it comes to enjoying their chewy, juicy candy: new Starburst Swirlers.

starburst swirlers

Instagram snack sleuth CandyHunting broke the news on Instagram in October. Mars Wrigley, the parent company of Starburst, announced the new sweet selection at the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual trade show, which is currently taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. A spokesperson for Starburst confirmed to Allrecipes that the Swirlers will be available in April 2020.

Each stick features one of three mouth-watering flavors: Strawberry-Cherry, Orange-Strawberry, and Cherry-Lemon. CandyHunting described them as "long, thin Starburst sticks."

No word yet on which stores will have the Swirlers, but we'll be watching.