But you'll have to act fast if you want one.
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Pink Starburst Self-Care Kit
Credit: Starburst

Everyone has their favorite Starburst color. You either firmly believe pink is the best, or you're wrong.

OK, OK, red is also good. But you yellow and orange Starburst people, it's time to see the light. The pink, juicy, strawberry-flavored light.

If you adore the red and pink Starburst flavors like I do, you'll be happy to know that the bags that have eliminated the unnecessary flavors are here to stay.

Indeed, Starburst just announced that their limited-edition All Pink bags of the beloved fruit chews will now be a permanent part of their candy offerings. But if that wasn't excitement enough, the candy brand is celebrating the new addition to the candy shelf by releasing limited-edition Starburst All Pink Self-Care Kits.

Yes, now you can look, feel, and live like a Pink Starburst, the brand says.

Every day this week, through International Self-Care Day (July 24), you can purchase one of these self-care kits for just $0.99. What will you find in your kit? A whole lot of happiness, including:

  • meditative coloring book
  • shower steamer
  • gratitude journal
  • succulent
  • yoga towel
  • jade roller
  • tumbler
  • and of course lots and lots of Pink Starburst

To purchase the kit for yourself, visit StarburstAllPink.com. There, you can stock up on your Starburst and buy a kit. All sold out? Don't worry. The site is being restocked every day. But do check regularly because the kits are available on a first come, first served basis, and while supplies last.

Even if you can't score a kit, do take some time this weekend to practice a little self-care, and if it involves some fantastic All Pink Starburst swag, even better.

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