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pyrex star wars containers
Credit: Amazon

Earlier this year, Corelle Brands released its first-ever special edition Star Wars food storage collection. They also released Corelle lunch plates and appetizer plates that feature fan-favorite characters of the Star Wars movie franchise. And now, you can get them straight from Amazon.

Originally, the Pyrex set, appetizer plates, and lunch plates were released exclusively on and, but all three styles have just been added to Amazon in recent weeks, making it even easier for shoppers to click "add to cart" and prepare their eats for the next marathon weekend.

Corelle Star Wars Plates
Credit: Corelle Brands

Buy it: Corelle Star Wars Doodles 6.75" Appetizer Plates, 8 Pack, $39.99;

Corelle Disney Star Wars Doodles 8.5" Salad Lunch Plates, 8 Pack
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: Corelle Star Wars Doodles 8.5" Salad Lunch Plates, 8 Pack, $44.99;

The Star Wars Corelle Brands collections hit all the marks, giving you a little bit of everything you love about Star Wars and its characters. The appetizer plates, for example, are illustrated with classic scenes from the movie epic. Fan favorites like Chewbacca and Princess Leia have a plate, as do Darth Vader, Luke, and Jabba.

The lunch plates, which are a bit larger at 8.5 inches, feature even more iconic scenes with Leia and Hans, stormtroopers, and C3PO and an Ewok. Both sets are made with ultra-hygienic non-porous and easy-to-clean glass, and they can go in the dishwasher and microwave. And in case you have young members of the Resistance that want to use the plates for their meals, you can trust they will be OK because the plates are made with triple-layer-strong glass.

Pyrex 4-Cup Decorated 8-pc Set, Star Wars Food Storage
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: Pyrex 4-Cup Decorated 8-pc Set, Star Wars Food Storage, $39.99;

With the Star Wars Pyrex decorated storage collection, you can head off to a galaxy far, far away when you're prepping, baking, and storing food for the week ahead or packaging up leftovers for lunch. The collection comes in sizes that fit all your storage needs. On Amazon, you can buy an eight-piece set with two round 4-cup containers with lids and two rectangle 3-cup containers with lids.

Corelle and Pyrex are regularly updating their offerings both on their site and on Amazon, so keep an eye out for your favorite characters.