You don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away to get this Star Wars-themed dessert.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwiches
Credit: Hy-Vee

Whether you want to eat your feelings after watching the latest movie installment to the Star Wars franchise, or you're craving a sweet treat to enjoy while streaming The Mandalorian, these new ice cream sandwiches should do the trick.

Made with Millennium Falcon-shaped vanilla wafer ends, each sandwich is filled with a hearty serving of vanilla ice cream. We won't even judge you if you make "Pew pew!" sounds as the space ship soars towards your mouth.

These limited-edition ice cream treats — which are made by Edy's Ice Cream — are being spotted at various grocery stores, including at Hy-Vee according to @candyhunting on Instagram.

While we aren't totally sure what the average retail price is for the Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches, @candyhunting purchased a box of six for $9, while some commenters reported finding them for as low as $6.

If these ice cream sandwiches aren't available at your local grocery store yet, you can easily satisfy your Star Wars sweet tooth by baking up a batch of Baby Yoda cookies instead.

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