When Life Gives You Winter Squash, Make Squash Skin Chips

These crispy roasted squash chips are savory, snackable delights made from the peels.

One of the best parts of fall's transition to winter is the seasonal bounty of squash and the myriad of ways to eat it. This time of year simply doesn't feel complete if it doesn't involve pumpkin pie, roasted butternut squash, stuffed acorn squash, or other iterations on cold-weather gourds.

Fall and winter bring so many lovely squash dishes, but one part of the squash always gets overlooked. You might think we're talking about the seeds, but there are quite a few great recipes for roasting those, like the basic Roasted Winter Squash Seeds or the next-level Roasted Winter Squash Seeds Buffalo Hot Wings Style.

No, we're talking about the skin. You peel and throw away that squash skin — or maybe you use it in a veggie stock if you're particularly resourceful. But if your skins typically end up in the trash or compost, you're missing out on essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, as well as great taste and texture. It turns out that the skin of kabocha and acorn squash is great for roasting and snacking.

These crispy squash skin chips are perfect for seasoning and snacking. Seasoned with salt and a tiny bit of cumin and cinnamon, they make a perfect savory fall treat. You can make them the same day you roast kabocha or acorn squash flesh, either as the oven is heating up or while it's cooling down. Plus, they make a great companion and vessel for cool, creamy dips such as Ranch Dressing.

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