It promises to be a zippy sipper.
Sprite Cans
Credit: George Frey / Stringer / Getty Images

Sprite just announced their newest soda flavor, Sprite Ginger, and bottles of the citrusy soda will hit shelves as early as February. Soon, you can have an ice-cold Sprite with a bit of spicy kick to satisfy your soda cravings.

The new lemon-lime and ginger soda will appear first in New York City at select locations. Then, the bottles will start appearing elsewhere as the month continues.

The Sprite Ginger news has been spreading on social media this week. Three billboards are currently advertising it in New York City. A few people have even posted a bottle on Instagram, where initial thoughts about the ginger-spiced soda are somewhat mixed. Some think it may be quite similar to Ginger Ale (and it might be!), while others are curious if it will actually become a new go-to remedy for when you've got the stomach bug or an upset tummy.

There's a reason people suck on ginger candies or reach for a cup of ginger tea when they're nauseated. I guess we will know soon enough what to think, and even sooner if you live in NYC.

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