Set the table for Easter or Mother's Day with these delicious options. Whether your guests prefer indulgent standbys like scalloped potatoes or want something a little lighter, there's a choice here they're sure to cheer.
Ham with honey and brown sugar glaze or sweet and savory pineapple pork loin
Credit: Kim Cornelison

Pork Main Dish: Indulge or Go Healthy

"I have made this ham 2 times and I will again on Easter. It is absolutely wonderful. " —lindsy

honey baked ham
Credit: kim cornelison

"This is a quick, easy, and healthy way to prepare pork loin with no added fat. The pork turns out very moist and the sauce is very flavorful. Serve with your favorite vegetable side dish or salad for a complete meal. Serve over rice with a generous helping of the sauce. Yum!"—Pipsy D

pork loin
Credit: Kim Cornelison

Healthy Tricks

The pork loin has 1,093 fewer milligrams of sodium and 21 fewer grams of added sugar. Here’s why:

  1. Replacing cured ham with pork loin makes a huge dent in the sodium. Buy a pork loin that is not marinated or injected with added salts and preservatives.
  2. Making a paste using mustard and a little bit of honey instead of brushing on heaps of glaze ensures ample coverage and bold flavor without overdoing it on added sugars.
  3. Using pineapple chunks packed in juice instead of syrup cuts added sugars, too.

Casserole Side Dish: Indulge or Go Healthy

"Yukon Gold potatoes are sliced and layered with creamy sauce and Cheddar cheese before baking until tender and golden brown. So full of flavor and cheesy! Yummy!"—Stephanie

potatoes au gratin
Credit: Kim Cornelison

"I love cauliflower and this is one of my favorite recipes. I have been making it for years. The horseradish makes it special. I always add the full 2 tablespoons."—Lori

cauliflower gratin
Credit: Kim Cornelison

Healthy Tricks

The cauliflower au gratin has about half the calories of the scalloped potatoes, and one-third less sodium. Here’s why:

  1. Replacing potatoes with cauliflower cuts carbs and calories.
  2. Making your own cream sauce using broth and a little whole milk instead of relying on condensed soups reduces the sodium.
  3. Using strongly flavored condiments and cheeses, such as horseradish, Gruyère and Parmesan, allows you to use half as much cheese for the same big flavor.


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