By Vicky McDonald

With a little creativity, a few pipe cleaners, fondant, and a little icing you can create some scary looking cupcakes. Check out these clever decorating ideas, and pick up some tips for making your own Halloween creations.

Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes

Your guests might think twice about tucking into one of these cupcakes, when they see the realistic sugared glass shard and edible blood. The edible glass is a cinch to make and will make your Halloween cupcakes stand out. For an extra special finish, you could add one of these Creepy Halloween Eyeballs on top.

Photo Ai-Chan

Spider Cupcakes

To make creepy spiders on top of your cupcakes you can use bendy black pipecleaners or black licorice to form the legs. Your kids will love decorating their own spiders with spooky sprinkles and edible glitter. Watch the video to pick up extra tips.

Photo by Allrecipes

Easy Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

If piping is not your strong suit, these cupcakes are the ones you should make. These mummies look extra scary with wobbly piping :) The eyes are made of mini chocolate chips, and a plate of these will certainly make an impression.

Photo by barbara

Frankenstein Cupcakes

This frightening monster has a hefty layer of green frosting and a chocolate sprinkle hair-do. You just know he's going to taste delicious.

Halloween Fondant Ghost Cupcakes

If you need to make some scary good cupcakes fast, this is a great idea to try. The cupcakes are topped with a marshmallow, a thin layer of fondant and some halved raisins. They're scary, tasty, and effective!

Photo by Barbara

Cupcake Graveyard

This is a great idea if you're baking for a crowd. Gather all your cupcakes together on a tray, and garnish with cookie headstones, and your creepiest Halloween candy. Watch the video for more ideas to make your graveyard extra scary.

Photo by Prospective PhD

Creepy Halloween Skull Cupcakes

Your kids will love these scary skull cupcakes. Use a black icing pen to make the decorating even easier.

Photo by Barbara

Bat Cupcakes

A simple chocolate cupcake can be transformed into an edible bat with some cookies, chocolate kisses, and a few drops of red gel icing. Go on -- you can do it.

Photo by Meredith

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