September 16, 2019
spam halloween costume
Photo: Spam

Meat this year's hottest Halloween costume.

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At the tender age of 82, Spam may seem like a relic of the past—but like any good food brand, they're combining brand loyalty and nostalgia with their own online store.

Wait, it gets better. The eagle-eyed folks at Delish have already scouted out the best product: a Spam can Halloween costume. The product's description assures you'll be "the hit of the party," especially if you're at a party where people like meat. Rasta Imposta, the makers behind this madness, offer plenty of other food-inspired costumes including rosé and avocado toast.

Laugh if you want, but Spam is a classic, and this costume is the modern-day equivalent of Scout Finch's ham getup from To Kill a Mockingbird. The one-size-fits-most adults ensemble runs for $45 and has holes for your arms and neck—all the places that matter.

Do you care too much about your dignity to be a tin of meat for Halloween? Fine. At least check out some of Spam's other products, like this vintage-style t-shirt, this sweatshirt, or this porcelain ornament.

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