By Carl Hanson

Can't remember if tonight is pizza night or spaghetti night? Maybe it's both.

1.) Spaghetti Pizza I

With this super-simple recipe, you can have your spaghetti and eat your pizza, too. Just mix the cooked pasta into the cheesy mixture and bake in a casserole. Then top it with prepared spaghetti sauce and pepperoni...or any toppings you like -- it's as versatile as any pizza. And a great way to use up leftover spaghetti.

Photo by Molly

If you love spaghetti pizza, you might be ready for:

2.) Spaghetti Pizza Lasagna

Triple threat! It's essentially the spaghetti pizza with a ground beef lasagna-like layer. If you like, choose wide noodles for an even more lasagna-like appearance.

3.) Spaghetti Bread

You could call this a spaghetti calzone. It's spaghetti and meatballs tucked into a pocket of pizza dough. This one's for the true carb-lovers. Molly, who took the photo, used this homemade pizza dough for the crust. Another great recipe for using up leftover saucy spaghetti and meatballs.

Photo by Molly

4.) Carbonara Quesadillas

These carbonara quesadillas are like spaghetti tacos for grown ups. Of course, the kids will also love them. This isn't really an egg-based carbonara, it's kind of an alfredo-style sauce, with tasty enhancements: bacon, chicken, and mushrooms. Everyone wins!

Now if we can just get someone to turn spaghetti -- with meatballs! -- into a chimichanga.

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