You don't have to board a plane for these snacks.

Southwest Airlines is known for discounted fares, colorful planes, and scrumptious peanuts. But, due to the rise in peanut allergies, the airlines discontinued serving the beloved snack in 2018. Southwest fans were quite disappointed. (Isn't signature snacks part of the reason you pick an airline? Hello, Delta's Biscoff Cookies.)

But for anyone who's been craving a handful of those salty nuts, Southwest just brought back their Lightly Salted and Honey Roasted Peanuts — with one small catch. They're only available online.

Southwest Peanuts
Photo: Southwest Airlines

That's right, you won't get these while you're flying the friendly skies, but you can enjoy them while you're couch surfing. The Southwest Store listed decorative peanut tins (they're adorable lunch boxes) with 20 ounces of peanuts last week. But the response has been so overwhelming, the "peanut tins are currently on back order," the site says. Never fear, however! You can pre-order your peanuts today and expect delivery in two to three weeks.

Each tin has a 10-ounce bag of both flavors, but the price feels sky high — one box is $29. That's quite a lot for peanuts, but so many people have been willing to pay it, you'll now be in line if you want your own.

Of course, if you've found yourself craving salty, nutty snacks on a Southwest flight but had to settle for mediocre pretzels, it might seem like a worthy investment.