Also, new Fan Favorites give you a bit of the brand's best flavors in one bag.
Sour Punch Sweet Bites
Credit: Sour Punch

Most of the time, candy isn't really supposed to make you think. At best, it's a reflexive act that offers a fleeting moment of joy, offering a chance to take a break from thinking about the world and its many troubles. 

That pretty much remains the case, but you have to give at least some small amount of credit to brand Sour Punch, who's breaking from its typical formula to encourage the sort of people who enjoy sour candy to stop and think about embracing uniqueness and individuality. 

At least that's the theory underpinning Sour Punch Sweet Bites, a new not-sour candy that "celebrates individuality by being unique amongst our famously sour product line," according to a press release. Sweet Bites is comprised of four new flavors (Dream Berry, Passion Punch, Grateful Grape, and Cotton Candy), which aim to remind us that things that stand out from the norm are just as worthwhile as those that would seem to blend in. 

a bag of Sour Punch Fan Favorites on a white background
Credit: Sour Punch

That somewhat vague nod to the amorphous concept of inclusion isn't the only new product that Sour Punch has in store. Their Sweet Bites will be joined by Fan Favorite Bites, which includes grape, tangerine, fruit punch, and lemon flavors.

Sour Punch Straws
Credit: Sour Punch

There's Sip-N-Chew straws, a relatively sustainable alternative to the plastic straw that can legitimately be used to consume hot or iced beverages, available in blue raspberry and cherry flavors. There are also Grape Straws, but it does not sound like you can use those to sip a drink. 

So let it be known that Sour Punch has raised the bar in terms of both sustainability and inclusiveness in the sour candy world. Your move, Sour Patch Kids and I guess Nerds

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