The Sour Patch Kids could be arriving at your city thanks to this sweet contest.
Sour patch kids in a jack o lantern
Credit: Sour Patch Kids

COVID-19 has caused the CDC to second-guess the safety of trick-or-treating, and kids and grown-ups are equally bummed. But in a cute attempt to save the holiday, Sour Patch Kids is launching a 12-city tour to bring the sweet-then-sour chaos that the candy brand is known for directly to our doorsteps.

On Halloween, the brand will be doing (contactless) delivery of Halloween packages to doorsteps in 12 major U.S. cities, you'll just need to interact with the brand on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to a win. The packages will include the special Sour Patch Kids zombies, plus a branded toilet paper you can use to TP whatever you'd like. (Their press release recommends your own living room, but we won’t tell if you decide on a different spot.)

One city will also play host to the Sour Patch Kids Jack O’Lantern mobile, a giant jack o’lantern on wheels that will roll through the streets, making personal deliveries of tricks and treats to families’ doors. Don’t worry, it will still be no-contact.

If you want to see your city on the list, go to the Sour Patch Kids Instagram page and nominate your area. It might not be a regular Halloween, but Sour Patch Kids are making the best of it.

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