For the next generation of conversation hearts.

By Hayley Sugg
January 28, 2020
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Whether you're sweet or sour about Valentine's Day festivities, these Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts will match your mood.

The candy is out just in time for the romantic season and has some unique messaging on each piece. Phrases like "Friend Zone," "Bae," and "Yas" are emblazoned on the heart-shaped Sour Patch Kids candies.

The colors on the candy bag suggest that the hearts have traditional Sour Patch Kids flavors like lime, cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, and orange. And they appear to have a more chalky texture (similar to typical conversation hearts) instead of being chewy and gummy.

Buy it: $2.50,

Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts have only been spotted in-stores and online at Walmart. You can snag a 13-ounce bag for just $2.50, making it a great candy for sharing this Valentine's Day.

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