Everyone needs a keg and some snacks right about now.
A keg holds Snyder's of Hanover pretzel rods at the top of a beer keg
Credit: Snyder's of Hanover

In honor of Oktoberfest (the one that was canceled because of Covid-19), Snyder's Pretzels is releasing a pretzel keg in collaboration with Captain Lawrence Brewing Co, which is based in Elmsford, New York. What is a pretzel keg? It's a 27-ounce canister of pretzel rods on top of a five-liter keg of Captain Lawrence's Marzen Style Octoberfest beer, so you can grab a pretzel and fill up your cup at the very same time.

The pretzel keg will be available online starting 2 p.m. Eastern on October 7 for only $49.99. You can buy yours at SnydersPretzelKeg.com.

It's not quite as fun as celebrating Oktoberfest at a packed bar, of course, but it does seem like a pretty good replacement, given the options (and definitely safer). Personally, I'm more partial to a soft pretzel with mustard for my Oktoberfest snacking, but the combination of so many pretzels and so much beer definitely has caught my attention.

It's worth noting that Oktoberfest actually happens in Germany earlier in the year, but Americans generally prefer to celebrate in October. In Germany, the 2020 celebration would have been September 19th and ended Sunday, October 4th. But it was cancelled this year, so maybe we should send some pretzel kegs to Germany, as well.