By Kimberly Holland
September 25, 2019

Dig in, y'all.

Earlier this year, Snickers embarked on "The Great American Nut Search" and asked America to tell it the next nut they wanted to see in the chocolate-caramel candy bar. Pistachios from California? Macadamia nuts from Hawaii? Cashews from Florida? All great options, but, in the end, the South won with Texas pecans.

Snickers Pecan
Photo: Snickers

The Snickers Pecan features the same caramel and milk chocolate of the classic Snickers bar, but instead of traditional peanuts, the new, limited-edition candy bars will have pecans. As a down-south bonus, the newest flavor will also be produced in Waco, Texas.

The bars won't be available in stores, but if you "pe-can't" wait to try it, you can buy a Snickers Pecan pack of 15 full-size bars for $30 at