By Vanessa Greaves

You're the Houdini of your zucchini desserts.

Zucchini is a master illusionist. This ordinary summer squash can transform itself into decadent treats that fool even the most determined zucchini haters. But don't just take my word for it—see what reviewers have to say about these sneaky zucchini desserts, plus get tips for prepping zucchini so you get the results you're after.

Top Tips for Making Desserts With Zucchini

  • Use small to medium zucchini. Large zucchini the size of small zeppelins tend to be dry and not as sweet as you want them to be in your desserts.
  • No need to seed unless you use an overlarge zucchini with big, tougher seeds.
  • Shred zucchini with a grater instead of chopping it so you get ultra thin pieces that will blend into your recipe smoothly.
  • Don't squeeze the squash. The natural moisture in zucchini adds moisture to your recipe, which is a good thing for desserts. So in most cases, it's fine to not squeeze out extra moisture.

Sneaky Zucchini Dessert Recipes to Try

1. Zucchini Bars with Spice Frosting

"Never, ever would you know there's zucchini in these bars (fooled my hubby) unless somebody told you. This is just a delicious and super moist spice cake." -- lutzflcat

Photo by Allrecipes

2. Chocolate Zucchini Cake III

"This is one of those cakes where you close your eyes with each bite, it's so good. My French boyfriend couldn't believe it was made with zucchini. Perfect!" -- RAKK

Photo by Carla

3. Chocolate-Zucchini Cupcakes

"Seriously amazing. My daughter and I love these and you can't tell there's zucchini in them at all!" -- Arielle

Photo by NURSJEN

4. Zucchini Brownies

"Fabulous!!! By the end of the zucchini season in our garden my husband can't even stand the word zucchini! These are so moist and wonderful, and you never even guess there are zucchinis included!" -- COWELLS4

5. Zucchini Cookies

"I know...that was my first thought, too: 'Zucchini cookies? You have got to be kidding me!' However, a cookie is a cookie so I gave these a go. Hello, delicious! They were light, soft, chewy, flavorful, and gone!" -- TMoore

Photo by Crin

6. Zucchini Pie I

"My Dad and sister were like, 'hmmmm...zucchini pie, really?' Of course, after the first bite they both LOVED it." -- huntannaka (BTW, many reviewers said reminded them of pumpkin pie.)

Photo by heather5018

7. Zucchini Apple Pie

" disguise for zucchini yet. When I served it at dinner my husband asked, 'What kind of apples are these?' I said, 'The long, skinny, green kind from the garden!'" -- OHIOMOMX2 (And guess what? There are absolutely NO apples in the recipe!)

Photo by Meredith

8. Zucchini Crisp

"It seriously tastes like apples. It fooled the kids AND the boyfriend. :)" -- lauren

Photo by Meredith

9. Zucchini-Lemon Sorbet

"Had a few other friends try it before I told them what was in it and the consensus came back with an astounding 'NOM! followed by, 'Really? Zucchini?'" -- mmm

Photo by Meredith

10. Don't Knock it Until You Try it Zucchini Chocolate Banana Nut Milkshake

"Everyone in my family loved it and nobody could believe the secret ingredient was zucchini -- you can't taste it at all!" -- Jennifer DeFosse

Photo by Nichele

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