Finally, sour candy you can slurp from a spoon.
snack pack sour patch gelatin
Credit: Conagra Brands

Gelatin: what is it? Is it a real food? Honestly, we may never really know for sure. Think of that rubbery food substance as a vessel for a variety of natural or not-so-natural tastes, though, and you start to get a sense of its power and purpose. 

Case in point: Snack Pack is back with a new take on gelatin that draws inspiration from one of the finest sour candies around. That's right: you can now shovel the taste of Sour Patch Kids into your mouth using a spoon. 

Snack Pack Sour Patch Kids is available in two distinct berry flavors, perfect for the kind of SPK fan who'd order one big bag of a single color. In this case, you'll have the option to choose from Redberry and Blue Raspberry, two names that make it pretty clear what color they represent. 

Though you'd think they're similar in terms of construction, it turns out that Sour Patch Kids by themselves do not contain gelatin, but are instead held together using corn starch. While there have been a variety of Snack Pack flavors over the years that would've made for a great candy bar, this marks the first time the Conagra brands subsidiary also known for its puddings has gone in such a sweet and sour direction— unless you count a lemon. But come on, this is on another level. 

If you're looking for a viable way to eat sour candy right after your wisdom teeth have been pulled (something zero out of ten dentists would recommend), you'll find these Sour Patch-themed Snack Packs at major nationwide retailers this winter, as well as on Amazon if you'd prefer your snacks were shipped to you. 

And, of course, no one's stopping you for putting some actual Sour Patch Kids in here to reintegrate a little bit of texture or additional flavors. Now that would really be something.