This will require a costume.
Metabolism Boost Pool Floats
Credit: Smoothie King

To prep for summer and the warmer, beautiful weather outside, Smoothie King is launching a brand-new series of Metabolism Boost smoothies, which are designed to boost your metabolism and help control appetite. To celebrate this new set of smoothies, Smoothie King will be giving away free 20-ounce Metabolism Boost smoothies March 10, but there's just one catch.

You'll need to wear your swim floaties into the store to show you're ready for the pool and ready to try these new drinks.

What's a floatie? A float is any floatation device used in a pool, lake, or ocean. And FYI, the float must fit through a Smoothie King door, so be careful which one you pick to wear.

Your reward for your swimming safety demonstration? One of two amazing summer-inspired flavors: Strawberry Pineapple and Mango Ginger, both of which come packed with organic vegetables, non-GMO fruit, fiber, protein, and naturally-derived caffeine to help you feel fuller and satisfied all day. Plus, there's Smoothie King's proprietary Metabolism Boost enhancer, which is where the new smoothies get their name, to help you speed up your metabolism and increase calorie burn.

Now, where did we put those swimmies?

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