You know that slow cooker you use to make savory stews and soups and chilis and all that while you're out having a life? So convenient, right? Well, did you know it can handle the sweet stuff, too? I know. Mind blown. Here are five recipes just to whet your appetite for slow cooker desserts.

The moistest, most luscious bread puddings are oven-baked partially submerged in a warm-water bath. That is, until now. Your slow cooker does away with the whole sloshing water bath issue (it can be a bit awkward maneuvering it in and out of the oven) and produces a bread pudding fit for breakfast or dessert. For a decadent finish, pour a little whiskey sauce over the top.

Bread Pudding in the Slow Cooker
Bread Pudding in the Slow Cooker | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Your slow cooker's low and even heat is put to good use melting chocolate to make these peanutty treats. The recipe calls for milk chocolate and almond bark, but you could use butterscotch or peanut butter chips instead. A small cookie scoop helps portion out the mixture quickly — before you know it, you've got a big batch of chocolate peanut candies to share.

Chocolate-Covered Peanuts
Chocolate-Covered Peanuts | Photo by Meredith

This incredibly moist, made-from-scratch cake takes just a few everyday ingredients and absolutely no fancy technique. The result is a dense, pudding-like dessert you can scoop up and serve warm with ice cream. Sounds like the perfect end to a snow day.

Amazing Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake
Amazing Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Here's an apple crisp that cooks itself while you're off doing whatever it is you would rather be doing. Can you imagine how great your home is going to smell when you come home?

Wait, what? Crème brûlée in a slow cooker? Yes, but you're actually using the slow cooker to mimic the slow, even heat of a water bath while the custard cooks in individual ramekins. To get that signature caramelized sugar crust, whip out your kitchen torch (ha!) or slip the sugar-topped custard under the broiler before serving.

Crème Brûlée
Crème Brûlée | Photo by Meredith

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