By Noel Christmas

Maximum Fun Between Two Buns

Sure, a full-sized burger might have more beef, but it's nowhere near as much fun as a slider. If you aren't on the smaller-is-better train yet, this might push you over the edge.

Photo by ALFANN02

As always,

for easy slider action:

No Muss, No Fuss

Want to avoid too much cleanup? There's literally no mess to clean when you press the patties out this way.

Timing Is Everything

Start with 3 minutes

on the first side, in a hot pan. You might find you need more (or less) time; that's great. Find what works for you.

Touchy Feely

Once they're flipped, go with 3 minutes again. Eventually, you'll learn what the burger feels like when it's the right doneness for you. Once you can do this, you are the Jedi Master of sliders.

Serve 'Em Up

This is where all the magic happens.

I use Kings Hawaiian rolls for the buns, and sauce them with honey-mustard dressing. But the great part is you can put on absolutely whatever makes your taste buds happy.

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