Skittles Is Launching a Gummy Candy in 2021

Finally, Skittles come out of their shell.

skittles gummy candy
Photo: Skittles

There have been a lot of Skittles over the years. Often they're sweet, sometimes they're sour or smoothie-themed. On rare occasions, there's even the rare Skittle that's intentionally made to taste bad. Through it all, though, they've more or less maintained the same hard exterior shell that gives way to a juicy, sugary center.

Until spring of 2021, that is. Why? Because that's when Skittles will be shifting the paradigm with the introduction of Skittles Gummies, an innovative attempt to soften up one of the most iconic candies going.

Available in the same bite-sized discs of greatness as classic Skittles, these gummies swap out that shell in favor of something softer, providing a more texturally forgiving burst of juiciness to sink your teeth into.

While the gummy element will be a bit unfamiliar here, the flavors won't be. Initially, Skittles Gummies will be available in "Original" flavors, i.e. your classic combination of Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Grape. For something slightly more adventurous, the Wild Berry pack comes loaded with Berry Punch, Strawberry, Melon Berry, Wild Cherry, and Raspberry flavors. It would probably be too mind-blowing for Skittles to introduce both a new gummy form and new flavors, so the amount of restraint on display here is admirable.

Starting in the spring, once widespread dissemination of a Covid vaccine is (hopefully) in sight, you can grab these Skittles Gummies from retailers nationwide. Compared to all the crap we've put up with this year, this is exactly the kind of thing we deserve to really sink our teeth into in 2021.

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