Cool Off With Skittles New Candy-Flavored Freezer Pops

Each box comes with four flavors.

Skittles Freezer Pops
Photo: Skittles

If you love the taste of Skittles candy, you'll love this brand-new chilled and colorful treat just in time for spring and summer. These new delicious Skittles ice pops come in four flavors with their respective bright colors: orange, strawberry, green apple, and grape.

These pops are sure to take you back to childhood, and they're also just another fun way to taste the rainbow but in a cool, refreshing way that would taste great on a warm day — or, let's say, with some vodka for a delicious boozy, fruity "pop" cocktail. A vodka "green apple popsicle" beverage by the pool? Sounds heavenly.

And of course you can eat these whenever you want — you just freeze the whole pack, and eat them in a matter of seconds, so as long as you keep some in the freeze, you'll always have a sweet treat on hand when the mood strikes.

You can snag the Skittle Freezer Pops in a pack of 10 (with four flavors) for just one or two dollars at Walmart, Dollar General, Publix, and other grocery stores nationwide. Or you can get a 20-count (for $2) or 70-count (for $7) boxes, which feature a fifth flavor, lemon. And trust us, you'll probably love them, so stocking up and getting more right off the bat isn't such a bad decision after all. Look for them in an aisle at room temperature, not in a cooler.

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