By Kimberly Holland
August 27, 2019

Are they worth the wait?

Just as Zombie Skittles are readying their return for the Halloween season, Mars Wrigley is giving Skittles fans another festive treat to look forward to: Skittles Dips. These original Skittles are plunged in a yogurt-flavored coating for a "multi-textured" experience of chewy, fruity candies with a soft, creamy shell.

Skittles Dips
Photo: Skittles

So how do Skittles Dips taste? The candy brand sent a few early samples for us to try.

Skittles are a classic candy option, with many fans here in the office, so it took little convincing to have a nice army of taste testers for this particular assignment. The only rule of tasting was that we had to eat a few of the candies first before making any comments or sounds so as not to color the opinions of our fellow tasters.

When it was time for discussion, we all agreed these candies, which the brand calls their "fanciest Skittles yet" are quite good. The yogurt-flavored coating is unexpected. In fact, it's a bit off-putting at first when you're accustomed to the hard shell of regular Skittles. But it quickly melts and blends in with the sharp, fruity flavors of the five original Skittles flavors: strawberry, orange, grape, green apple, and lemon.

Each candy is thickly coated, so it's not easy to determine which flavor you're eating. That's a bit of the fun. Consider it a mystery game to solve. As the yogurt coating melts, it helps to blunt the tartness of the fruit flavor. We actually liked this because it made each bite feel a bit more decadent and rich.

Launched earlier this summer in the U.K., Skittles Dips will finally be available in the U.S. in February 2020. If you can't stand the idea of waiting so long for a chance to nibble on a few of the candies yourself, stay tuned to Skittles social media. They'll be giving away some first tastes of the new candies to a few lucky Skittles fans.

For people who are lactose intolerant or avoiding milk, Skittles assures fans on social media that these Skittles Dips are made in a separate facility form their original Skittles, so there will be no chance for contamination.