See ya, green apple.

Everyone has a favorite Skittles flavor. Most of us don't really spend much time thinking about it, but those who loved lime the most might. They've been missing from the classic red-bagged collection of Skittles since 2013, and pleas to bring them back have (with limited, temporary exceptions) have fallen on deaf ears. 

Finally, however, that may change — so long as lime Skittle fans are willing to help give Skittles' marketing team  an accolade they can put on their resumes. On April 1, Skittles announced on Twitter that they would bring back lime Skittles, on the condition that its followers voted for @Skittles in an @TwitterMktg poll meant that will determine the winner of the "first-ever #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket." Supposedly, the candy quid pro quo is "not an April Fools joke [and] not clickbait." 

unwrapped skittles all colors
Credit: Kirill Kukhmar / Contributor

For lime fans who've been left out in the cold, this moment is nearly eight years in the making. 2013 was a year that will live in infamy, as it marked the moment when lime lost its place to green apple, inspiring many moments of confusion and disappointment. For a brief, shining moment in 2017, the Long Lost Lime pack of Skittles restored some sanity to the world, that chance proved fleeting and temporary. 

So while voting in a Twitter poll about online marketing may function as a weird way to restore order to the Skittleverse, at least it shouldn't take too much time or effort. So unless Microsoft promises a free Xbox Seires X for everyone who votes on their behalf, anyone who isn't fiercely attached to the green apple Skittle should get voting before the poll closes on April 2. After all, if you could end eight years of suffering with a few taps of your phone wouldn't you?