By Vanessa Greaves

Yes, it is possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting your diet or boring your taste buds. Each of these indulgent chocolaty treats comes in under 100 calories, with a couple of them waaay under that. Enjoy!

Frozen Banana Bites | 76 calories

House of Aqua put a clever twist on these adorable bites by sandwiching the peanut butter between slices of banana and freezing it before dipping the whole thing in chocolate. Leaving off the toffee bits in the recipe knocks off a few extra calories, too.

Photo by House of Aqua

Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Kisses | 26 calories

"These are not only easy, they are delicious and beautiful. Thanks for the best meringue recipe I have ever made or eaten!" -- Christy Cooks. Try these helpful tips for making melt-in-your-mouth meringues.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Mini Chocolate Cups | 84 calories

Christina comments, "Awesome! I love how easy there were to make, and they could be filled with pretty much anything." We suggest fresh berries to keep the calories down and the deliciousness through the roof.

Photo by Christina

Dark Chocolate Almond Rocks | 60 calories

Dark chocolate for antioxidants + almonds for heart-healthy fat and fiber = a double dose of goodness. Buckwheat Queen raves, "Rock on!! How can you go wrong with dark chocolate and toasted almonds? You can't. Period."

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Chocolate Strawberries | 60 calories

These chocolate delights look a lot more indulgent than they actually are. EHayden1 has a clever tip for dipping them: "I like to put a toothpick in the stem and dip into chocolate, then stick the other end of the toothpick into a emptied closed egg carton to let the chocolate-dipped strawberries set."

Photo by strawbearycrepe

Chocolate Covered Blueberries | 30 calories

"This is a perfectly light after-dinner dessert. Chocolate and blueberries pair very well together and don't leave you feeling coma-induced. Extremely easy to make." -- Paula

Photo by NancyLou

Swedish Chocolate Balls (or Coconut Balls) | 90 calories

"Was delighted to find a no-bake sweet and cool recipe for summer. Thank you! They are so rich that one was enough to scratch my itchy sweet tooth :)" -- Jan

Photo by Alexandra Bengtsson

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