Not just for main dishes, curry powder adds big, exciting flavor to so many side dishes and snacks. Here are nine of our favorite recipes. Want to make your own curry seasoning mix? Here are a few options of varying levels of spiciness: Mild Curry Powder, Jamaican Curry Powder, and Raghavan's Curry Blend.

Curry powder and sweet pickle relish are a sweet and spicy combo. "This was a nice twist with the curry and mustard," says beINTENTIONAL. "It kicked it up, but the flavors balanced well."

Kimberly's Curried Deviled Eggs
Photo by lutzflcat

Baked wedge potatoes seasoned with curry powder and paprika are Germany's answer to home fries. "This is probably one of the best potatoes I have ever had," raves merlion. "I am a huge curry fan, and this nailed it."

Curried Cottage Fries
Photo by Baking Nana

Curry powder and coconut oil give popcorn seriously flavorful pop! "Delicious," says Mariek. "Perfect for a movie night with friends."

Curried Popcorn
Photo by Meredith

Cheddar and cream cheeses combine with curry powder and a splash of sherry wine before being topped off with mango chutney. Enjoy with crisp wheat crackers. "What a tasty, easy and unique appetizer," says lutzflcat. "Layers of flavor without one ingredient dominating. The curry flavor, in particular, is there but subtle."

Curry Pate
Photo by lutzflcat

Curry powder brings spicy flavors and plump raisins and grated apples add a touch of sweetness to this sweet and savory carrot salad. "Absolutely delicious," says Sue A. "This was so simple to make and so tasty."

Curried Carrot Salad
Photo by Alli Shircliff

This creamy corn combines corn, bell pepper, and onion with curry powder, sour cream, and a little butter. "A delicious way to prepare corn," says Molly. "This kept well as leftovers for lunches the next day."

Curried Corn
Photo by Molly

Curry powder and sweet potatoes are a spicy take on the classic treat. "Spicy, sweet, and crispy," says VegetarianStudent. "Highly recommended!"

Curried Sweet Potato Latkes
Photo by Christina

These flavorful burgers combine ground pork and feta cheese with garlic and curry powder. Enjoy with grilled onions.

Curried Pork Burgers
Photo by Meredith

"These oven-baked beauties are spicy and savory, with a subtle coconut milk base," says argus. "In Malaysia, they are traditionally deep fried. But here's a modern version."

Chicken Curry Puffs
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

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