By Melanie Fincher

All the sides your Taco Tuesday needs

Few things in life are better than a taco bar. But a taco bar with loads of tasty side dishes is one of those things. Although you can't go wrong with the classic chips, salsa, and guacamole, there is a wide range of sides out there that will make your Taco Tuesday rival any restaurant's. We'll share 12 of our favorite side dishes for tacos along with ideas for taco pairings. Now all you need is a margarita.

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1. Taco Slaw

This healthy coleslaw is great on the side or heaped on top of your taco. The cilantro and lime give a burst of fresh summer flavor, while the onions, carrots, and cabbage give this side a nice crunch. Add the jalapeño, and you have a dish that brings the heat. Pair this slaw with crunchy fish tacos for a healthier take on Taco Tuesday.

"I love this...we eat it all the time now instead of lettuce on our tacos," says reviewer GINGERLY88.

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2. Mexican Rice II

Craving that Mexican restaurant-style rice? Save yourself a trip (and a few bucks) and make this simple Mexican rice recipe at home. It's sure to please even your pickiest eaters. Serve it with these double decker tacos for a classic restaurant-style meal.

Photo by Melissa Goff

3. Frijoles de Olla

Frijoles de la Olla translates to "beans in a pot." It's one of the most common dishes in Mexico, and will complement any and all taco recipes. When paired with Oaxacan tacos, this makes for an authentic Mexican meal.

Photo by KGora

4. Mexican Corn

"This recipe was given to me by my aunt in Texas, where they like everything hot! Now, my family wants it for holidays, barbeques, or just by itself," says recipe creator KBALDRIDGE.

Cheesy and buttery — this corn dish is more than meets the eye. It's packed with jalapeño peppers for an added kick. Serve with a mild lime chicken soft taco to balance out the heat.

Photo by 5Foot3

5. Fresh Pineapple Salsa

Why not add a little fruit to your next taco meal? This tropical salad has a mix of pineapple, peppers, cilantro, and lime. It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and goes well with these Baja style fish tacos.

Photo by lutzflcat

6. Lime Cilantro Rice

This rice is oh so simple, yet delicious. If you're looking for something light to pair with heavy tacos, this recipe is the perfect pick. The cilantro and lime carry the flavor in this dish, without overpowering your tastebuds. All you need are some spicy turkey tacos for a dish that's bursting with flavor.

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7. Spicy Tex-Mex Salad

This dish can act as both a side to pair with your tacos, or a meatless alternative for any of your guests. Pinto beans, black beans, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and corn chips are all tossed in Catalina salad dressing for the perfect side dish in five minutes or less. Try it with some green chile beef tacos.

"This is an unusual salad that everyone in my office loves. I get requests for it time and time again," says recipe creator Taseia Armstrong.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

8. Zesty Quinoa Salad

Try this new light and refreshing side salad next time you whip up some of Dee's Roast Pork for your tacos. It's light and citrusy but with hearty beans and quinoa for protein.

Photo by Linda (LMT)

9. Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

"All you need is a couple cans of beans, an onion, some bacon, and spices to whip up this simple but delicious soup," says Chef John. It's the perfect warm and spicy pairing for your fry bread tacos.

10. Refried Beans Without the Refry

Refried beans are a classic side for any Mexican dish. These beans are cooked in a slow cooker, making for a flavorsome, fat-free dish. Now all that you need are some chipotle shrimp tacos.

Photo by CookinBug

11. D's Famous Salsa

"This is a Texas recipe I've developed and refined over many years. It's very fast, easy, and I usually have everything on hand. I often give it as gifts to my family back East," says recipe creator Denise Smith. Simply blend tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime juice, salt, green chiles, and cilantro in a blender or food processor. This is just what you need to round out your taco bar (well, that and some shredded chicken tacos).

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12. Seven Layer Dip II

"We brought this for watching a football game and it was gone by the end. Very tasty (even when I substituted fat free sour cream), and simple to make," says reviewer doestreich.

This dip layers refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, veggies, and cheese. It's like all your favorite foods in one side dish. Pair this side with a lighter taco, like Dave's Mexican veggie tacos.

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