Top-rated sides to complete your shrimp dinner

By Melanie Fincher
July 12, 2019

There are countless ways to cook shrimp. Whether it's fried, boiled, grilled, sautéed, or cooked any number of ways—shrimp is everyone's favorite crustacean. But shrimp can only be as good as the sides you choose to pair with it. Here are 13 of the best side dishes for shrimp to complete your meal.

"This is the best salad I've ever eaten and I make it all the time. It is tangy from the blue cheese, fruity from the pears, and crunchy from the caramelized pecans. The mustard vinaigrette pulls it all together," says recipe submitter Michelle Krzmarzick. Pair this top-rated salad with some grilled marinated shrimp to make a meal out of it!

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This simple asparagus recipe is ready to go in just 20 minutes. Serve it with some simple garlic shrimp (over spaghetti if you'd like!) for a fast and delicious meal that's sure to be a hit.

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Recipe submitter CONNIE0751 says, "A colorful and flavorful macaroni salad made with hard cooked eggs, bell pepper and celery in a creamy dressing. Best macaroni salad I have ever had. I always get many requests for the recipe. Enjoy!" Try this on the side with this fresh shrimp boil recipe.

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For those looking for a low-carb option, these zoodles are a great substitute for spaghetti. The zoodles are topped with chickpeas, pesto, and cheese, making for an irresistible combination. Serve this on the side or as a base for this lemon ginger shrimp.

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"A yummy and low-fat Greek salad recipe. You can use two green onions instead of the small red onion, if you wish," says recipe submitter Candice. This is a great side salad if you want to keep things light—serve it with this peppered shrimp Alfredo.

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"I love the portion control and lovely presentation of this recipe," says reviewer lutzflcat. Add this on the side of some crunchy fried shrimp for a delicious, finger-food meal.

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This easy salad is ready in 30 minutes and is great if you're looking to get in some veggies with your shrimp. Serve it on the side of some Shrimp De Jonghe.

"I have made these on several occasions and they are always a hit. I love adding parmesan to them. This is a great recipe for summertime bbqs. It's my go to for grilling vegetables," says reviewer Amber Bateman. These grilled kabobs will pair perfectly with any grilled shrimp- try it with this Thai spiced barbecue shrimp.

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This healthy side from Chef John takes only 10 minutes to make. "I'm borrowing the name from Pasta Primavera which, like this recipe, takes advantage of fresh, seasonal, green produce," he says. Pair it with another favorite from Chef John—grilled garlic and herb shrimp.

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Reviewer Angela P. says, "They turned out perfect - crispy on the outside, a little soft on the inside, not greasy at all. My husband called them ‘amazing.'" Potatoes always make a great side for a little added sustenance, and this easy recipe is no exception. Now all that's needed is some fried shrimp. /p>

"A delicious guacamole that my mom used to make during the summer days when mangoes were all over our hometown. It's sweet, tangy, and, like any good Mexican guacamole, spicy," says recipe submitter gema. Try it with some coconut shrimp for a meal that's bursting with tropical flavor.

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This light salad makes a great side for virtually any shrimp dish. The orzo pasta and baby spinach will round out your meal. Match it with this basil shrimp for a balanced and delicious dinner.

Looking to use some of your fresh summer squash? "This is a tasty way to use up all the yellow squash you have pouring out of your garden every summer. I also do this same thing with zucchini," says recipe submitter Sarah Stephan. Add some spicy grilled shrimp and you have summer meal that can be made entirely on the grill.

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