By Vicky McDonald

The next time you're tasked with making a side dish, try one of these top-rated recipes that are guaranteed to wow your friends and family. If you don't believe us, read the reviews from our home-cooks, who are only sorry they didn't make extra!

The Best Side Dishes for Autumn

1. Garlic Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Bacon

Rave Review: "Everyone enjoyed this, even the kids!! I used precooked bacon and homemade broth. I added a dose of crushed red pepper for some heat. Delicious, easy and a bit of a treat with the bacon -- something we don't use much." -- What's for dinner, mom?

Photo by Naples34102

2. Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Onion, and Garlic

Rave Review: "The only way to eat cabbage in my house from now on, according to the 6 critics I feed daily! Easy, no exotic ingredients, just down-home deliciousness. Bacon and garlic makes a poor man's veg into something special." -- Yummy Mummy

Photo by SunnyByrd

3. Rich and Creamy Potatoes Au Gratin

Rave Review: "These potatoes are AMAZING. I made the recipe as is with no changes. These were perfect, just the right amount of seasoning, nice and creamy and great texture. The cheese and nutmeg really bump up the quality of the dish." -- Susan

Photo by abbaplez

4. Parmesan Roasted Acorn Squash

Rave Review: "This is absolutely delicious. It was my first time making acorn squash and it will now be in the regular rotation throughout fall. I didn't change a thing. Perfect!" -- valeriek12234

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

5. Cheesy Polenta

Rave Review: "This versatile side dish would work great along with pork, chicken, beef or fish. The trick is to slowly add the cornmeal and whisk constantly to avoid lumps." -- dadrules

Photo by My Hot Southern Mess

6. Cauliflower Au Gratin

Rave Review: "One of my favorite ways to make cauliflower. I omit the nutmeg and add a dash of Frank's Hot Sauce and a little Dijon mustard. There's never any leftovers--we usually eat the whole casserole dish full. I like to serve this with meatloaf." -- Sarah Jo

7. Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf with Pomegranate

Rave Review: "I always love an excuse to use saffron, and this delicious rice was a great use for it. Easy to make, too, exactly as described." -- fabeveryday

Photo by fabeveryday

8. Bacon Feta Beans

Rave Review: "Excellent. Real easy. Real quick. Real good. My family likes feta cheese, so I used the full amount. Got rave reviews. Heats well too." -- JOLLYROGERS

Photo by RebeccaD

9. Crispy Turnip 'Fries'

Rave Review: "Unbelievable. Never had turnips before and LOVE this. I will never make regular potato fries again!" -- mdhaegele

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

10. Garlic Red Potatoes

Rave Review: "What a hit! My family couldn't get enough of this! And so easy to make...what more could you ask for?" -- McMommy

Photo by cookin'mama

11. Farro with Wild Mushrooms

Rave Review: "This tastes amazing! Everyone thinks you spent a lot of time and it is so easy! I'm a shroom lover, so I play with oyster, shitake and whatever else happens to be on hand. Sooo yummy!" -- Jet-set-Jen

Photo by CoachJen

12. Butternut Squash Risotto

Rave Review: "If you like the natural sweet flavor of butternut squash, you'll love this risotto! It is so creamy and full of flavor! Great as a side dish or main course." -- Andrea Longo Policella

Photo by Marikka Werlen

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