This Easy Tiramisu Is the Ultimate Shortcut Dessert

Save yourself some money and effort with these unexpected ingredients.

Coffee and Donuts Tiramisu
Photo: NicoleMcmom

Tiramisu isn't exactly the kind of dessert you whip up on a whim. It requires specific and pricey ingredients, like ladyfinger cookies and mascarpone cheese, that you likely don't already have on hand. But! Tiramisu on a budget is possible. Here's how.

Just three common ingredients will help you land a tiramisu that's both easier and more budget-friendly. Since the base of this shortcut tiramisu is still coffee, we used a substitute that's a classic pairing: mini doughnuts. You'll also save time here because you don't need to break the doughnuts in half like you would with ladyfingers. The other two shortcut ingredients, boxed vanilla pudding mix, and thawed whipped topping allow you to bypass the expense of mascarpone and the labor that comes with making your own whipped cream. From there, proceed with the layering technique as normal.

We won't call this an authentic tiramisu by any means, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth appreciating. With less hands-on work and a lower price point, this is a tiramisu anyone can make.

Get the Recipe: Coffee and Donuts Tiramisu


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