Shake Shack's New Burger May Be the Best Fast Food Burger I've Ever Had

The burger chain's new seasonal menu will give fancy bistros a run for their money.

A shake shack white truffle fontina cheeseburger with crispy onions on a green and blue background.
Photo: Shake Shack/Dotdash Meredith

Shake Shack, the burger chain known for pushing the envelope on quality and creativity in fast food burgers, is back with a limited-time menu that will blow you away. The new menu aims to bring a fine-dining experience to a fast-casual setting, and I have to say, after getting a sneak peek taste of it, they definitely succeeded.

After the success of its Black Truffle Menu in 2021—the chain's best-selling, limited-time menu to date—Shake Shack is bringing back that secret sauce, but with a new spin. This year, just in time for Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl, Shake Shack is launching a White Truffle Menu that's sure to impress.

What's On Shake Shack's New White Truffle Menu?

Shake Shack's white truffle menu features three items, each featuring the white truffle in the form of a white truffle special sauce. The sauce was developed in Shake Shack's Innovation Kitchen, a test kitchen based in NYC that we got the chance to visit last week.

According to the Innovation Kitchen's executive chef, John Karangis, the sauce is made with traditional French techniques plucked straight from fine dining kitchens. The sauce was based on the last iteration from Shack's black truffle menu but adapted to highlight the white truffle.

White truffle is the more elusive of the two truffles and has a more pungent and aromatic flavor than black truffle. The white truffle sauce is an emulsification made with real Regalis organic white truffle oil. Using white truffle oil allows Shake Shack to incorporate a gourmet item while still keeping the price accessible and comparable to the rest of the menu.

The white truffle menu from Shake Shack with a white truffle cheese burger in front, chicken sandwich and crinkle fries in the background.
Shake Shack

Here are the details on all three white truffle offerings:

  • White Truffle Burger: Fontina cheeseburger topped with real white truffle sauce made with Regalis organic white truffle oil, and crispy sweet onions on a toasted potato bun.
  • White Truffle 'Shroom Burger: Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses, topped with real white truffle sauce made with Regalis organic white truffle oil, and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun.
  • Parmesan Fries with White Truffle Sauce: Crispy crinkle cuts topped with parmesan cheese and served with real white truffle sauce made with Regalis organic white truffle oil.

Both sandwiches start at $8.99 and the fries start at $4.69.

Taste Test

As I mentioned, we got to visit the Innovation Kitchen last week for a sneak preview. I'm always a bit skeptical about truffle items because many truffled add-ons feel like an afterthought; like an easy way for restaurants to mark up fries with artificially-flavored oils.

This was not the case with Shake Shack's white truffle menu. Everything about the burger was designed to highlight the white truffle—from the choice of Fontina cheese to play up the umami flavors to the crispy onions bringing a welcome hint of sweetness, and of course, great texture.

The white truffle sauce was creamy and complex, and the white truffle flavor was at the heart of every item. You can tell how much thoughtful planning and testing went into getting the sauce just right, and I can genuinely say it's one of (if not the best) fast food burgers I've ever had. With this burger on the menu, I wouldn't be mad if my partner proposed Shake Shack for a Valentine's Day dinner.

Shake Shack's white truffle cheeseburger
Brittany Irvine

How Can You Try the New Menu?

The White Truffle menu will be available at Shake Shack locations nationwide starting on Friday 2/10, but fans can get early accessand order via their Shack app starting Wednesday 2/8. As I mentioned, the last time Shake Shack ran a truffle menu, it was extremely popular—so get your hands on it while supplies last. The white truffle menu is expected to run until spring, likely May.

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