By Food*Dude

We're here for you, men of Movember.

That's a nice flavor saver you've got started there, buddy. You're really giving it your all for men's health this Movember, good for you!

In celebration of you and our fellow Mo Bros, I thought I'd come up with a list of soups you should eat before that lip fuzz grows into a full-on bushy walrus. Full of bacon, sausage and all other kinds of good stuff, this is truly man food. Beware though, as your lip toupee grows bushier, these soups may get all caught up in your soup strainer.

(See what I did there?)

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

4.7 stars | 1321 ratings

Fancy yourself an amateur mycologist? Then get out there and forage up some wild mushrooms for this rich soup. Can't tell the difference between a chanterelle and a death cap? Well then, maybe you should limit your foraging to the produce department.

Photo by LynnInHK

Venison Vegetable Soup

4.8 stars | 35 ratings

A true outdoorsman will really get into this soup. Submitter JAIMEE's husband asks for it every time he goes on a hunting trip. Reviewer Frank Bradbury found it the perfect use for leftover fallow deer.

Photo by CC♥'s2bake

Ken's Kickin' Posole

4.9 stars | 97 ratings

This posole is damned good, because, well, bacon as Jim Bob from Texas proves. "My neighbors are originally from Mexico, so I thought I'd see how it stood up to the real test. They loved it, and said I could fix it for them anytime," says Jim. "I think the bacon and that little dash of clove puts this over the top," he adds.

Photo by mommyluvs2cook

Easy Portuguese Kale Soup

4.8 stars | 28 ratings

Fair warning: you might be blowing steam through your smoke filter if you don't take Steve's advice and reduce the amount of pepper called for in this recipe. "I thought it was quite good except the amount of pepper. It only needs a teaspoon," he says.

Photo by rn.leeann

Super-Delicious Zuppa Toscana

4.8 stars | 1842 ratings

If it's heat you're looking for—something that is best quenched with a nice, cold beer—this soup is where it's at. Italian sausage gets hit with an extra dose of hot pepper flakes before being browned then simmered with bacon, potatoes, and spinach.

Photo by LilSnoo

Roasted Vegetable and Kale Soup

4.8 stars | 21 ratings

And the only vegetarian soup to round off this list is…oh, nope. This one has sausage in it too. Huzzah!

Photo by Betsy B

Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

4.8 stars | 82 ratings

This one comes from Mr. 'Stache himself——who rocks a studly painter's brush on his upper lip. He says, "All you need is a couple cans of beans, an onion, and some bacon." Amen to that, brother!

Photo by BenAnna

Keep working on those push brooms my Mo Bros, as you raise awareness and cash for a worthy cause. In the meantime eat well, and stay healthy!