By Vanessa Greaves
August 22, 2015

What goes into a great bowl of gumbo? New Orleans native and Seattle restaurateur Matt Lewis lets you in on his secret.

So, it's all about the roux. Well, plus the other good stuff you like in your gumbo. Matt's own version includes andouille sausage and chicken, along with the quintessential trinity of celery, onion, and bell pepper.

About Matt Lewis

He's not just any food truck guy. Matt's a trained chef with an impressive pedigree and an infectious smile, whose popular truck, Where Ya At Matt, was named one of the top 101 food trucks in America by The Daily Meal, while Thrillist ranked it in the top 21 in 2014. (Check it out - did your favorite food truck make the cut?)

Photo by Vanessa Greaves

Matt was in the vanguard of the thriving Seattle food truck scene. But while you can still find him doing the meet-and-greet on a Seattle street, he's got his brick-and-mortar Restaurant Roux to take up some of his boundless energy.