Did You Know? There Are Starbucks Locations Testing Secret Menus

Here's where and how you can try new egg bite flavors, loads of vegan options, and even a cheesy pasta bake.

When you hear, "Starbucks secret menu", you probably think of specialty coffee drinks universally despised by TikTok baristas. But let me be the first to tell you, this is not that secret menu; This is so much more exciting.

I was first alerted to the concept of testing locations on (where else?) TikTok, in a video by user @dmvfoodie. Upon further investigation, I discovered there are (so far!) three locations of Starbucks in the U.S. testing completely new items, and we're not just talking seasonal launches.

From brand new flavors of everyone's favorite sous vide egg bites to vegan versions of Starbucks staples and even some seriously unexpected items, there's a lot to be excited about. Here is everything you need to know about the new Starbucks menu testing locations.

Everything You Need to Know About the "Secret Starbucks"

These "secret" Starbucks are not so secret after all. They are three store locations that the chain has designated as sites to test out new menu items before deciding if it wants to roll the items out nationwide. This idea of fast food chains testing at select locations or in parts of the country is nothing new. Many chains have been known to market test in this way, like Chipotle's Chicken al Pastor and McDonald's and their seasonal McFlurries.

Moving on to what you've all been waiting for: where to find these secret Starbucks. I'm sorry to inform you that unless you live in what's colloquially known as the DMV (the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area), you're not in luck. One location resides in D.C. and the other two are in northern Virginia, in Centerville and Fairfax.

There's very little to be found online about these secret testing sites, with no public press releases on the items or locations, or really many statements at all. The only press coverage of the locations I found that included statements from Starbucks representatives were on vegan blogs, including the animal rights organization, PETA's website. My theory is that Starbucks publicized these items to vegan blogs to quell their demands for more plant-based menu options and essentially say, "they're coming!"

Looking through the comments on that TikTok video, I found one more piece of interesting advice. A person claiming to be a barista at one of the three testing locations commented, "As a heads up, the menu is only around until January 3 as of now." There's no way to know if after that time Starbucks will decide which menu items go nationwide, and which are lost to the coffee chain's archives forever.

What's on the Starbucks Testing Menu?

These three locations are still in the process of testing 18 new menu items. They are all food items designed to expand upon their breakfast and lunch offerings. Starbucks is also, as mentioned, branching out by adding more vegan items. The chain is achieving that through partnerships with two plant-based products: Just Egg, an egg substitute, and Daring, a plant-based chicken.

If you do visit one of those locations, you can expect to see some, if not all, of these items on the menu.

Breakfast Menu Items:

  • 2 flavors of Sous-Vide Egg Squares: Ham & Cheese and Bruschetta
  • 2 flavors of Plant-Based Sous-Vide 'Egg' Bites: 'Chicken' Sausage and Smoky Poblano & Black Bean
  • Sunny Egg Nest & Cheddar Hash Brown
  • Sous Vide Egg Tartine Egg Florentine
  • Golden Ginger Coconut Boba Bite
  • Mocha Coconut Boba Bite
  • Warm Oatmeal Bite with Granola Crunch

Lunch Menu Items:

  • Roasted Turkey, Fontina, & Apricot Chutney Sandwich
  • Sous Vide Tartine with Chicken, Artichokes, Mushrooms, and Romesco
  • Plant-Based Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • 5-Cheese Pasta Bake

I have a sweet tooth so, naturally, the two boba-inspired breakfast bites are calling to me. But, who would say no to a hash brown "nest" with an egg and cheddar in the middle? Or a cheesy, portable pasta bake bite? All the die-hard fans of Starbucks' egg bites can rejoice at the prospect of new flavors and shapes of their favorite sous-vide snacks.

If you, like me, don't live near one of these locations and want to see any (or all!) of these items on your local Starbucks menu, I have one piece of advice: take to social media. If the return of fast food items like Taco Bell's Mexican pizza and McDonald's boo buckets showed us anything, it's that companies are listening, and they are eager to please their customers. In the words of Ariana Grande, "I want it, I got it."

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