Why Is Everyone Going Crazy For This Secret-Ingredient Enchilada Recipe?

Cottage cheese gets a bad rap! It's flavorful, versatile, and an inexpensive snack. I know many people who scoff at the idea of adding cottage cheese to lasagna to replace ricotta. In my childhood Midwestern home, it was the only way to make lasagna, and I still kind of prefer it to this day (I know! So off-trend, but old habits die hard.).

Our most popular recipe of the week last week uses this alterna-ingredient in enchiladas. I think the nearly 10,000 of you who saved this recipe last week would agree that extra cheese is never a bad thing!

Cottage Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

Photo by jillcasey84.

Your Favorite New Recipe

Fusion recipes are always popular on Allrecipes: Korean and Japanese, Mexican and Asian, etc. Though "fusion" usually means two types of cuisines coming together, you can also combine two types of dishes from one single cuisine. This usually produces one mind-blowing super recipe that puts all others to shame.

Last week you were captivated by one such recipe -- two southern staples combined to create a breakfast dish that more than 80,000 home cooks couldn't resist clicking on:

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

closeup of a serving of sausage casserole on a white plate

You can't miss these southern brunch classics. #Brunchworthy

Your Favorite New Recipe

Summer is nearly here! If the only thing keeping you away from the great outdoors is the fear of not getting a home-cooked meal, then you can go get your tent packed. We've got you covered on all the campfire meals you could ever imagine. In fact, our cooking community found the new Camp Breakfast recipe to be the cream of the crop last week, making it our "most favorited." Check out the recipe to see how you can start cooking on the fire this weekend.

Camp Breakfast

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole.

Need more camping inspiration? We partnered with REI to create an awesome Camp Cooking Guide!

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