By Vanessa Greaves

Let's face it: Tofu may be a healthy, protein-rich food, but it's seriously lacking in looks. You usually have to do a lot to make it appear appetizing — soaking in marinades, browning in the oven, crisping in skillets, and stir-frying with sauces all give blandly pale tofu some much-needed color, not to mention flavor.

That's why this recipe caught our eye. It's a scrambled tofu dish that actually looks like eggs! The secret? Turmeric. Sprinkle a little ground tumeric, freshly grated turmeric root or turmeric paste over or into the tofu, give it a stir, and watch it go from winter white to egg yolk-yellow before your very eyes. Bonus: Tofu + vegetables + turmeric = triple the health benefits.

Turmeric comes in many forms including paste. Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Scrambled Tofu

The recipe itself is pretty quick and easy. You sauté green onions in olive oil, stir in chopped tomatoes and crumbled tofu, season with salt, pepper, and mildly spicy turmeric, and it's done. Watch the video to see how to put it all together:

Tofu Tips:

  • Tofu usually comes packed in liquid. To keep the scramble from getting soupy, wrap the block of tofu in several layers of paper towel, then weigh it down with a heavy pot (I use a filled tea kettle) for 10 to 15 minutes to press the moisture out of the tofu. Then crumble it and proceed with the recipe. Learn more about tofu and how to cook with it.
  • Some reviewers drained the tomatoes before adding them to the scramble. You can use the juice for homemade Bloody Marys to go with your scramble.
  • Add mushrooms, onions, spinach, or any other vegetables you want to this dish; it's very customizable.

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