The Best Part Of Chocolate Cake In Every Bite

For me, the best part of any chocolate cake has always been the little bit of batter left in the bowl. Woe to the cook that cleans the bowl before I can get to it with a spatula.

So, imagine my joy upon discovering Chocolate Lava Cake. It's the perfect combination of just-cooked cake and molten, chocolaty deliciousness.

chocolate lava cake topped with a strawberry
Photo by Wendy T
| Credit: Wendy T

The Smell Of Success

The first thing you notice about lava cake is that warm chocolate aroma you wish you could just wrap yourself up in like a blanket. This cake just exudes that wonderful smell the entire time you're eating it.

Science Class

Don't worry: there's no pop quiz ahead. Chocolate science (yes, there is such a thing) uses words like "volatile compounds," "melting temperature," and many other phrases I understand not at all. But once you're baking (or just eating), it's pretty simple:

  • Chocolate batter's most aromatic temperature is right before it fully sets or cooks.
  • Lava cake, as the name suggests, is served warm or even hot.
  • Not all the batter is fully cooked, so it's still at that perfect temperature (and smelling amazing) as you dig your fork into it, like this:
Chocolate Lave Cake gif

Batter Up

Here, just let Chef John show you how it's done:

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