By Leslie Kelly
May 22, 2017

Aloha means hello and goodbye, and also a special feeling that you get from those tropical islands known as Hawaii. We're super excited that the melting pot style of cuisine from the 50th state is starting to heat up as a trend on the mainland and beyond. Think about sitting on the beach with some ahi poke, Spam musubi, lau lau, and grilled teriyaki. Then, all you need to make for a perfect luau-inspired party is a round of Tiki Drinks.

For the Pupu Platter

Appetizers are known as pupus in Hawaii, and while some dishes seem familiar, there's still a fun, exotic twist. Like the Spam-topped sushi, for instance.

Spam Musubi | Photo by Joanna

On Da Grill and More

The cookout culture is strong, with Pacific Islanders firing up the barbecue year-round. That means those recipes have been perfected over time, explaining the rave reviews. Take a look at this stellar lineup and your mouth's gonna water, guaranteed.

Teriyaki chicken wings. Photo via Meredith Publishing

On Da Side

Any Hawaiian feast wouldn't be complete without an assortment of sides to fill out the heaping plates, especially the beloved Mac Salad.

Island-Style Fried Rice | Photo by ALFANN02

Chef John's going to turn you into an Ahi Tuna Poke-making pro. Watch this short video!

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