By Melanie Fincher

Put the ho ho ho in the holidays.

Hoping to get on Santa's good side? They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and these Santa and reindeer treats couldn't be cuter. The best part? The kids can easily get in on the fun of making these treats, and the adults will enjoy them too. They're perfect for a holiday party, family fun time, or a substitute for the usual cookies and milk. Here's our list (we checked it twice) of the cutest Santa-approved treats to make this Christmas.

For something a little lighter this Christmas, these mini Santas are made with strawberries and held together using whip cream. "Very cute presentation. They went very fast at a dessert potluck. Had to keep them in the fridge until right before serving as the whipped cream began to get soft," says reviewer T L C.

Santa's helpers need a little love too. Use vanilla wafers, pretzels, and candy to create a reindeer face on these cupcakes. Reviewer Carey Sanders says, "They are adorable! Got lots of compliments at Christmas parties!"

These melt-in-your-mouth meringues are a festive addition to any holiday platter. Reviewer Lizzy1005 says, "These turned out super cute and tasted like cotton candy. The recipe was easy to follow. I had never made meringue before and was leery of it after I tried to make macaroons but these were perfect."

meringue cookies piped in the shape of Santa hats, with red colored sugar on the main "hat" and white meringue pompom and trim
Photo by SerenityRN
| Credit: SerenityRN

A holiday treat that resembles...well, you know. Reviewer Sarah Jo says, "It may not look appealing but it's darn tasty and a heck of a lot cheaper than those expensive peanut clusters that you can get from fancy chocolate sellers. Great fun to make with little hands and tints well with food dyes for any holiday you'd like to make these to share."

Reindeer Poop
Photo by Christina Reynolds

Recipe creator barbara says, "My kids loved these cute cupcakes decorated as little Santas for Christmas. They are really easy to decorate and you can get your kids to help you." Get the whole family in on the fun with these easy to make cupcakes.

Santa's not the only one who could use a little snack. Save something for the reindeer (and the kiddos) with this snack mix coated in white chocolate. "I love to add this to my cookie gifts each year," says reviewer Terri M.

Reindeer Munch
Photo by Abbey

Recipe creator Magda says, "Santa diving down the chimney is immortalized in these adorably decorated cupcakes. Perfect for a kid's Christmas party!" This clever recipe uses different colored fondant to create a hilarious mold of Santa stuck in the chimney.

Yes, we did double check with Saint Nick on this. This cake is similar to your classic red velvet but with a peppermint twist. Many reviewers suggest using only one teaspoon of peppermint extract instead of two. "I got so many compliments on this cake when I served it at my Christmas party...I will definitely be making this every Christmas from now on. It is truly the best Christmas cake I have ever had," says reviewer Emily 335.

Santa's Favorite Cake
Photo by chefjenna

"This is a fun Christmas cupcake recipe to make with the kids and is supremely easy if you start with store-bought ingredients," says recipe creator Magda. "I am describing three different ways for making the Santa hats. Choose one (and triple the needed ingredients) or decorate them in different ways."

Rudolph has never looked cuter. "The dough was very easy to make and work with. Loved it! The girls had fun making them turn into reindeer. They are adorable! They make a large cookie and they did expand so space accordingly," says reviewer Farmgirl.

Reindeer Cookies
Photo by Erin Lynn