That is, if you can restrain yourself.
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There's never a bad time to enjoy a Reese's cup. You could likely eat one every single day for a year and never tire of them. And theoretically, that's exactly what Sam's Club is offering with their latest bulk candy pack.

Sure, the product description says the 375-piece bundle of snack-size Reese's Cups is intended for Halloween (and to be fair, it'd be a great asset for your Halloween arsenal), but if you are paying for the candy, it's only fair to eat the candy whenever you please. Since the bulk container has 375 Reese's Cups, you can truly eat one a day for an entire year and some change — or up your cup intake for a handful of days.

sam's club reese's cups 375 count
Credit: Sam's Club

As the seasons change, you can enjoy those candies in different ways: crumbled and baked into cookies, melted down into sipping chocolate, or even stashed in the freezer for a summertime or stress-induced treat. You could also share that love all year long and give out some pieces to your family and friends on holidays or occasions that could use some Reese's cups.

Ready for that influx of peanut butter cups? Head to your local Sam's Club soon or check online, as the massive tubs are hitting stores now. The bulk bins retail for $47.98, which comes out to less than 13 cents per cup.