This snack alone makes a membership worth the cost.
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Sam's Club Snickers Cold Stone Popcorn
Credit: Sam's Club

Sam's Club has the perfect addition to your next #stayhome movie night or Netflix binge, so toss out any old boring snacks you've been munching on and get ready to try two new deliciously sweet treats that you won't want to put down.

Sam's Club just launched two new popcorn flavors with candy-like flavors that help balance out sweet and salty and that add a bit of creaminess to your favorite crunchy kernels. There's Snickers Candy Pop Popcorn and Sweet Chaos Cold Stone Cake Batter Drizzled Popcorn — and yes, they both sound too good to be true. (But they are real, luckily!)

What's inside the bag? The Snickers Candy Corn Popcorn is made with real Snickers candy bar pieces, and it is drizzled with delicious, creamy Snickers caramel and nuts. It's just like the candy bar but with a fun pop of crunch and in bite-sized form. It's $5.98 for a 20-ounce bag, and it's a Sam's Club Exclusive flavor option.

As for the Sweet Chaos' Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter flavor popcorn, it's the ideal balance of sweet and salty, and it tastes like a scoop of real cake batter ice cream itself. The handmade kettle corn (so it's a bit on the sweet side, as opposed to standard popcorn) is made with cane sugar and sea salt and then it is covered with a cake batter flavored drizzle and some fun, brightly colored sprinkles. The popcorn comes in a 10-pack box (1.5-ounce per bag) and is $9.98. It's also a Sam's Club Exclusive.

Just imagine how great these two would taste with The Bachelor or a fun rom-com! We know what we'll be munching on next time on the couch.